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7 Items You Need to Stay Warm in Your Absurdly Cold Office

Let's face it. Most of the time the office is just way too cold. We could violate the fire code, and place a mini space heater under our desk. Or maybe beg the office manager to raise the thermostat a few degrees. But there's a better way to stay warm.

Working in an office usually means that we are sedentary during the day, which means our metabolism drops, because our muscles aren't working very hard. Not surprisingly,  we're creating less body heat. Even worse, the office temperature is usually not set high enough to stay warm.

According to a 2016 study by Nature Climate Change, office buildings typically set their thermostats based on a formula using the standard metabolic rate of men, not women.

End the all-day shivering. Stash these items in your desk, and win the battle of the thermostat.

1 Snuggies

Wearable Blanket

OK, so not every office would view one of these wearable blankets as "office appropriate". But you can not deny the coziness of this classic. Perfect for bundling up in your chair, while still being able to use your keyboard and phone comfortably.

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2 Cardigans


The cardigan is comfy like a blanket, but much more presentable than alternatives. A classic cardigan will go with just about everything in your wardrobe. There are many designs available for all fashion senses.

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3 Arm Warmer Fingerless Gloves

Arm Warmer Fingerless Gloves

Keep your digits warm while staying keyboard-friendly. Available in short, mid, and long length styles.

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4 Oversized Pullover Sweaters

Oversized Pullover Sweater

More casual than the cardigan, but still more sophisticated than a Snuggie.  Affordable and fun, every closet needs a big comfy sweater.

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5 Bluetooth Earmuffs

Bluetooth Earmuffs

These earmuffs will warm you while not making it too obvious you are wearing your winter gear indoors. Connect your smartphone to these cute foldable Bluetooth Earmuffs in a variety of styles.

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6 Tumblers


Sipping tea or coffee in meetings to stay warm? Keep your beverage at the perfect temperature for hours.

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7 USB Hand Warmers

USB Hand Warmers

Discreet and portable, USB Hand Warmers are a convenient way to stay comfortable throughout the day. Use between your hand or place discreetly in your pocket.  As a bonus, the IR heat transmission promotes blood circulation, and speeds up your metabolism.

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